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Just after the Spri
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TOPIC: Just after the Spri

Just after the Spri 2 months, 1 week ago #6684

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Just after the Spring Festival, thick snow covered the gullies of the mountain village. The trees stood like a never-tiring soldier standing still in the snow. A cold wind blew, and their bodies fell and they refused to stay. On the branches and leaves, the celebration of the snow slag in the New Year has not subsided. The villagers continue to follow the millennium heritage, go to the family and friends, and celebrate each other. The blessings of the voice contain deep friendship and the saying goes: Xiaonian Big fifteen. After the fifteenth day of the first month, the year is over. At that time, the villagers naturally did what they should do. They didn��t need anyone to give instructions, because they knew what they were. The courtyard was very clean, and a few chickens paced in the courtyard, making a squeaking noise. In the shade of the courtyard, there was a big snowman, and there was no sign of melting at all. On the second day of the second day, under the snow, he gathered the snow in the entire courtyard with tools such as brooms and rafts, and then piled them into snowmen. The two eyes of the snowman were made by emptying the paper barrel. It looked like a snowman holding a telescope. The snowman��s nose was made with carrots at home and looked a bit funny. It is the red nose of foreigners; the snowman's mouth is made of sugar paper, the colorful sugar paper, the snowman's lips look very cute; the snowman's neck is wearing a large necklace, which his daughter wears. When the big necklace was the fruit of the big nuclear head tree in front of his house, her grandfather put the unripe head of the green scorpion into a necklace and put it on the neck of the granddaughter to play. of. Although her daughter is only three years old this year, she may inherit their blood, and love the things, and keep the necklaces worn by the string of green scorpions intact. When the snowman was piled up, she put the string of green skull necklaces on the snowman's neck and shouted at the snowman: "I love you today, the weather is not too good, the cold wind is blowing cold. He was busy in the courtyard, packed his bags, prepared to take a shuttle bus in the afternoon, and walked out of the mountain village to the city where he worked. He knew that today is the fourth day of the first month, and once the three days have passed, the shuttle bus will begin to operate. At this time, I also bought it. After all, the Spring Festival has just passed, and there are few people going out. As far as their migrant workers are concerned, there are not many people going out. Especially, what makes him unable to let go is that his lover and his mother are not coming back this year. The first thing she did was the job she did, and no one replaced it. The two came back at the same time. The cost was too big. She said: "It��s just a year, the double salary of the Chinese New Year, she can��t give up!�� But when it comes to her daughter When she choked, she almost cried out that he was the pillar, the hands were fast, and the door was convenient. The two old men were snow-covered and could not stop his visit greetings. On the other hand, many things at home were waiting. He handles It��s impossible for him not to go home. He is worried about his mother! His mother is sitting on the enthusiasm of the low house, and two dim eyes are watching through a slap-sized glass in the window. He was in the courtyard and packed his bags. His father was kneeling on the stone bench in the courtyard. His mouth was covered with a long, dry pipe. The half of the dry smoke had already disappeared, but he was too lazy to go and click, and he slammed it in his mouth. Pumping, his eyes fixed on his pack, his face was expressionless. His daughter, sitting at the threshold of her grandmother's house at this time, two black grapes seemed to look at his every move, she What seems to be something? Dad wants to leave him, daddy don't go!" Suddenly a word came out of her young mind Marlboro Regular Cigarettes. She didn't cry Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, she was serious! He looked up at his daughter and said, "Oh, it's cold outside, hurry up to the house." Dad didn't leave his daughter as if he didn't hear what he said, continue. "Hey! Obedient, Dad, earn money and money, buy a lot of delicious, well-dressed, fun "I don't want! Dad don't go!" The daughter sat on the threshold and twisted her body. Continue to say. The father who was on the stone steps slowly stood up, hehe! Sighing, what seemed to say in his mouth, but did not say it, but his lips squirmed and daddy don��t go!�� The daughter cleaned up three times, he cleaned up The hands and feet of the bag finally stopped Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online. He stood up straight and all his eyes turned to his daughter. His heart trembled! He saw clearly that although her daughter did not cry Newport Cartons For Sale, her eyes were clearly marked with tears! He quickly stepped forward and took a seat. The daughter on the threshold went into the house. "Dad don't leave!" The daughter's tender and pure voice is like the waves hitting his heart, his eyes are wet! The daughter who suddenly hugged in her arms cried out! "Dad don't go -! I want my mother to tears." Like the rain! The seven-foot man, in front of his young daughter, he seems a little helpless. "Dad don't go, especially shouting for the mother, the daughter's words, heartbreaking, like a steel nail on his heart! Wiping the tears of her daughter in her arms, hurriedly buried her head on her shoulders, swaying her head and wiping her tears on her shoulders. He did not want his mother to see his tears nearby, and several pacing chickens saw it. Teng Teng smashed in the past, and their actions immediately caused the sparrows that were foraging in the corners of the wall Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. So they flocked in groups and jumped down. They started a rushing food with the chicken. Xu was seen in the courtyard. The scene of the chicken finch rushing to eat immediately fell from his body, swaying the two calves and smashing the chicken finch to the courtyard. She knows that Grandpa��s glutinous rice is eaten for her family��s chickens, not for sparrows. This right grandparent has already given her, and now she wants to exercise her rights. Her daughter has two calves and immediately smashes the snowman��s heap. On the sidelines, two small arms were stretched out, shouting to drive the sparrows, the hungry sparrows bullied her, and she was not afraid. She was playing around with her, and she played with the eagle to catch the chickens. The game, her grandfather saw a smile! He couldn't help but smile. The sun finally passed through the clouds, and the courtyard was covered with light.
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