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Time flies, and it
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TOPIC: Time flies, and it

Time flies, and it 2 months, 1 week ago #6820

  • ylq
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Time flies, and it��s time to celebrate Children��s Day once a year. This has nothing to do with me, because a link to the text, so that those memories are naked and now, I have to evoke my nostalgia for children Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store. If you can't grow up, it's a good childhood. It's like colorful candy, sweet and sticky. It's a memorable story in childhood. It is like an interesting story in Andersen's book, which makes us full of exploration of the outside world; childhood it Like a song, every note is so cheerful and rhythmic; childhood it is like a kaleidoscope, filled with our little thoughts; after work, walked home on the lush road, after the spring dress This new face instantly makes the depressed mood come to the sun. The two girls who walked in front should be friends or colleagues who have good relationships, and they talked and laughed along the way. A said that today is too busy to distinguish between the southeast and the northwest, but in the afternoon I received a link, laughing, my wrinkles on my face came out, and then I could not stop laughing Marlboro Hard Cigerate. B said: What is so funny? Share it? I was doing a report on the index in the afternoon. I was going to collect all kinds of data. When I was busy and upset Newport Red 100 Online, I suddenly didn��t know who sent me a jittery window on QQ. I suggested that if I am in a bad mood, I suggest to see it. There is a surprise inside. Then I couldn't help but curious and clicked in... Who collected the fun things of childhood so complete, too talented. It was a dynamic album made with Flash. The picture, the music, the mood, seemed to bring people back twenty years ago. After decisively collecting in my space, I hope that everyone will also review their childhood. When she said this, I roughly remembered that I also read the contents of this link a few days ago. The pictures and texts have indeed evoked many long-standing childhood memories. Later, when my neighbor's neighbor girl was eating dinner, she sent me a video and asked me if I saw a link to the childhood collection on the Internet. In an instant, I have to admit the power of the network and the speed of its proliferation. Yes! what happened? The phone always couldn��t help but laugh. Do you still remember that chubby climbed the mulberry leaf tree at your doorstep and picked up the mulberry leaf fruit. As a result, what happened in the paddy field? So profound things, how can you not remember that Xiaopeng is her cousin Carton Sale On Newports, because she was fostered in her grandmother's house when she was a child, and we are always playing together, we have a group of children in the village. . Every day after school, I returned to my home with an old "tail" behind my ass. When fighting, I can make the chickens and dogs in the village jump, and the smoke is everywhere. The situation is comparable to the devils entering the village. Although, often let the adults have a headache, but they are helpless, there is no way to remember that it is a singer-songing bird, the fruit is fragrant, the hot summer sun. Looking at the week, we have a few older children who have agreed to eat breakfast and go to the mountain behind the house to catch it (��). In addition, a few children who are smaller than us are following us with great care, for fear of losing. They are smaller, but occasionally they can help to get a hand, hand a stick, pick up a stone, lift a bag or something. ... we are also happy. After catching it, I came back to have lunch, and the hot sun on the top of my head made people unable to open their eyes. Therefore, going out can only avoid this time period. At that time, there was no such a flat and spacious cement road in the village. Some of them were just a dusty mountain road. When the sun was particularly hot and the temperature was extremely high, every time the car passed or the wind was lucky, there would be a rise of four. The "dust storm". That afternoon I was sitting on the aisle for lunch. Not far away, a group of children, big and small, came to my house in a noisy way. Some of them had plastic bags in their hands, and some had net pockets or tree forks on their shoulders. The straw hat with the stalks of wheat, the mulberry tree that pity my family is going to suffer again. The mulberry tree at the door of the house was specially planted by my grandfather before I was born. It is said that when I grow up, I can shade and enjoy the cold, and there is fruit to eat, and it can green the environment and purify the air. After a few years of growth, the original small mulberry seedlings, two stories high, leafy, green leaves, seasons a season. Spring long leaves, flowering results, from time to time in the breeze with a touch of floral scent, shaking his head like a naughty tomboy; summer blue fruit finally turned into deep purple, for this, it has become a gathering of children's joy In the autumn, a yellow robe with fallen leaves leaves many feelings and sorrows; in winter, the bare branches are like an elder who is meditating, covered with wrinkles and bleakness. They didn't wait for me to finish my lunch, and they climbed up the mulberry tree of my family one by one. It is well known that fun is a child's nature. In this way, I am also anxious to wait for the two meals in the bowl, and I will not participate in taking the bowl back to the house. On the other side of the mulberry tree is a paddy field that has been inserted into the rice seedlings. It may be due to the proximity of the water source and the sunnyness. The half of the mulberry tree is not only the leaves are growing, but the fruit is also larger than other directions. The sweetness is also better. Therefore, everyone is vying to climb to the branches there. The power of so many people is used in one place. Obviously the branches can't bear it. Fortunately, the elasticity of the mulberry branches is good, otherwise the result is really unimaginable. The older children climbed the tree, and the children were all on the ground. The fruits that were already ripe in the trees could not withstand the wind and rain, and they could not withstand so many people shaking in the trees. Among them, Xiaopang��s upside down type of monkey has climbed to the tip of the branch on the paddy field, and threatened that he was the first master to climb the tree. No one can compare it. When he is most proud, the branch is broken with him. In the paddy field, his head was inserted directly into the soft mud of the paddy field. Everyone laughed and said on the sidelines, they were all blaming, and this is really the first. However, when did his grandmother stand behind us silently? After climbing up from the paddy field, if a large head-shaped pit cuts the seedlings next to it. Xiaopang's grandmother scolded him and asked him to go back to take a bath Cheap Newport Regular Online. After he finished, he went to the ancestors' gods and took introspection for 2 hours. If he was in the middle, he would not give dinner. Now our children are about to stand 30, and after the glitz, things have changed. It is a pity that five years ago, in order to avoid unnecessary dangers caused by children climbing trees, Grandpa categorically cut off the mulberry tree that was in the door for 20 years. It used to be leafy and deep. It is our paradise and a paradise for birds. There are unseen sights and countless dreams. There is only one dry and dry tree stump now, the tree is gone, and Grandpa is not there. The children have also established their own families. You are no longer a thing of the past, and it is no longer possible to return to that month. Only then will we miss us at that time.
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