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I have been studying
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TOPIC: I have been studying

I have been studying 2 months, 1 week ago #6821

  • ylq
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I have been studying literature and art for a long time. Of course, the word "research" may not be understood. You will think, study? Many writers and artists dare not say that they are studying literature or art. Why do you use the word "research" for a smug little child? Yes! Why am I? If you really ask this question, then I can only answer you this way. With my love for literature and art, I want to go further and deeper in the path of literature and art. I want to use my weak IQ. Enriching literature and art, I know how slight it is, but it is precisely because of this slight dedication for thousands of years that there is such a rich literary art. There is no end to literature and art, so no writer or artist has ever said that he has done his best in the field he is engaged in. It is no better. I have found that literature and art pay special attention to life experience, attitudes and knowledge. The size of the face, personal character, life experience, life age and age background, my own class in society, etc., first talk about life experience! Life experience generally refers to the actual age of the author, because life experience is different at different ages. Children write articles, and the articles are always full of childishness and childishness. They always look childish and whimsical. Teenagers write articles (like my current age), and articles are always frivolous and cannot be written in depth. It��s always crazy, not the madness of arrogance. Rather, the words in the line always reveal the embarrassment of future life and want to do something with the future life. It is not only the current madness but also the kind of madness that the future wants to do. So it seems that there is some madness, and this madness can't stop and can't hide. What about the articles about young people, middle-aged people and the elderly? I will not understand it now and cannot give an accurate answer. But although I didn't reach those ages, but I have read the articles of writers of those ages, I personally feel that it is very real, and I have a deep discussion of the topic, and the opinions are very in place. No matter how many times I look at it, I can't write such an article because I know it is a matter of life experience. Having said that, is it only for middle-aged people or seniors with a lot of life experience to write articles? I personally think that is not the case. Because the articles of authors of different ages have different tastes. Children's articles are innocent and childish, and cannot be done at other ages. Young people's articles are mad, not at other ages. I don't know how to summarize the articles of middle-aged and elderly people, but they can't do it at other ages. Articles of every age have their own characteristics, so I personally think that looking at the content of an article must also look at the author's age stage, in order to taste the taste of the article, the author's attitude towards life, his article The taste is also different. Life attitudes are positive, negative, optimistic and pessimistic. The more positive the author's attitude towards life is, the more positive and positive the temperament of his article is. Conversely, the more negative the attitude, the less positive energy and righteousness the article has. Life is optimistic, and his articles are basically good things and happy things. On the contrary, his attitude is pessimistic Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online. His articles are more bad and more painful. I am very strange, I am half positive, half negative, half optimistic and half pessimistic. Therefore, the correctness and positive energy of my article should be no less, and it is in the level of yin and yang. As for the taste of the article, your readers will be clear! I don't know how to describe the size of the knowledge. I don't know if the key is still critical, but I know its role. The knowledge of the uppercase article is like Du Fu said, reading a book, and writing a pen. It is like writing a word when you write it. It is always easy to make an analogy. It is easy to quote classics, easy examples, and examples are general but classic examples, such as some great deeds, some historical events with great significance, etc. . If an author's knowledge is small, writing two hundred words is like milking, and it is impossible to squeeze out. Because when I was writing in elementary school, I was desperately trying to squeeze the word. The author��s personal character determines the style of the article. The cheerful authors and articles are generally bold and free and enthusiastic. Introverted, the article is generally very implicit and very important. Life experience is also very important. People who have experienced great winds and waves have always seemed to be full of life philosophy and engraved with human vicissitudes. There is a profound truth in the lines between the words. Such an article is generally not read by readers. But readers who have the same experience as the author have a glance at it. When I read the works of Confucius, Laozi, Zhuangzi, etc., there are many places where I can't read them. The reason is that it is so simple, because I have not experienced it, so I don't understand. There are some things I have experienced, and they are also in their works. I understand them at first glance, and I feel that they have a lot to say about the age and age background of the life and the level of the author in society. At what age and at what level do you see, hear, and feel something, so what kind of articles do you write, there is nothing to talk about, but those are my experiences in studying literature. In fact, I think art is almost the same. This is the case, but the art is still much more complicated. The art I am talking about is not just all art, because in the ocean of art, I only like music and art Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping. In music and fine arts, I only like pop songs and oil paintings. I have a very shallow study on oil painting and there is nothing to say. I have been studying songs for a while, and I think art is harder than literature. I think so! Writing an article is a speech, except that you use a pen without a mouth. Your various conditions have gone up, and your writing skills will slowly go up Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj. Art is different. Just say the song I studied, I can write the lyrics now, of course, it��s not very formal Marlboro 100'S Carton. Just when I am practicing the pen. I will also compose music, and it is not very formal. You should just play as I play. I will also sing, I am learning online video, and it should not be formal. Writing, composing and singing yourself, although it is not arranged, it seems that the front is always incongruous. Why do I feel discord? Because I used my own songs and the singers' songs to compare and feel a lot worse. Therefore, I feel that my current research can only increase my understanding of this aspect Carton Sale On Newports. If you want to go to the formal road, you must find a master. After all, the art world has such a phenomenon. Every famous artist has a powerful master and even several masters. . When there is no master, I can also study it myself. If I understand more, I will learn a little easier. After a formal study, literature is the transmission of thoughts and feelings. Art is actually the transmission of thoughts and feelings. Literature has a pen. Art is hard, for example, songs, will write words to test the skills of the writing, will compose the lyrics and the harmony of the scorpion, arranger (I will not), but I know that it is a multi-instrument and lyrics and composition and dice Harmony, singing to control their own voice, singing lyrics songs must also play with the good instruments. Don't think that's it! If you can't sing yourself, you'll be fine, and you have to consider the audience's perspective to make the audience feel comfortable. So art is much more troublesome than literature. Although I hate trouble, this is a trouble in the field I like, and I still don't hate it. If everything is too smooth, I feel boring.
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