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e shuttle was removed. T
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TOPIC: e shuttle was removed. T

e shuttle was removed. T 3 months, 1 week ago #6952

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I came to this stream with the wind, and the sound of the water told me that the scenery is never sleepy, and it is always quiet and far-reaching. The mood was too late to get drunk in the green jade, and the branches that were whistling out grabbed into the red star flowers. The eyes suddenly lost their feelings, and the smell of softness was heard; the ears lost their vision between the eyelashes, and the blushing redness; the skin lost its hearing in the cochlea, and the wind went to sleep a little bit, the flowers, the wind, the Being alone is an idea, no way to distinguish, no way to know. Flowers are the lover's handcuffs, the wind is like a drunken nonsense, the loneliness is like a dawn, and the idea is filled with hot spots of a tree. That one is the teardrop of Daiyu, cold and proud. This is a shy rouge, unrestrained. Still a cute, like a maiden, blooms out of the universe and embraces everything. Closer look is a blossoming, blossoming into a cloud group, powdered into a butterfly, feathered into a bee, and at the same time flapping the wings of a quiet morning bell. In an instant, the micro-clouds on the shore dissipated, and the color of the spring was given to the shoulders of the grass. The green color was given, and then the green was strong and full. Breaking into the river of life, it has cracked the countless pages of life. The rain in the grass tip is not to be outdone, secretly kissed the blue sky face, and carefully touched the backbone of the sky - white clouds. Everything is clear, it is a sunny day. In the distance, the flower of that tree has become a star point, without aroma, and it has lost its lightness. It has become a broken landscape. It has been plasticized into a flat painting. Even if it is hanged for thousands of years, it is still broken, but the annual ring. Will give it the honorary title of antiques. At a glance, this is a landscape painting. The cold water surface is a warm flower that jumps in time and space with the dream, and can't find a platform to rely on. The dream of slipping a little is gone, and the body and mind are shaken off in the wilderness of autumn. The grain under the tremble is full of stars or tears? More may be sweaty. The stars are active in the sky at night, hidden in the daytime, swaying into the happy soul by the wings of the sorghum, storing how many dreams are stored in the barn, and the sorghum is overwhelmed to bend the spine. , said thank you again and again, enough. Have you ever known the geometry of the stars? It was the lonelyness of the Galaxy, and the pressure shuttle was removed. The strong sorghum pole is not shouting tired, red face, dry sweat or full of hope of the stars, red blood in this autumn, also beautified the sky star group disappeared, hope to ignite, they Maybe it's time to go home. At the moment, I am still hanging on the stilts, cheering loudly for the glory of autumn, who can hear? Lonely and lonely. Do you hear the golden sunshine? If you can hear it Newport Cigarettes, please set up a rainbow, I will go down the ground. I am a fragile vase, please take time to cherish the preservation. I am willing to leave when I am willing to draw pictures. When the tears jumped out of the eyes, flying in the evening in the river bay. Lost in loneliness, the river bay is smashing, they are singing, laughing, picking up the gentleness of the annual ring, playing a heart-wrenching whisper, a long-awaited recollection, a dry and whirlpool, It is a constant conversion. The water droplets in the river bay are a touch of poetry, and the water droplets in the eyes are salty and sad. It's all water, why is it salty? Just because you are a river bay, I am a teardrop eight hundred years ago, we are all a family. After eight hundred years, we are still a family. We have no family Marlboro Red, no quarrels, but the wonderful interpretation of life. Picture. Sometimes you are in the painting, sometimes I am outside the painting. Trembling tears, ignoring the price of gems, see that Guanghua is one of the best, gentle and unique. They have a hard time, but they understand the philosophy of life. Where do they come from and where do they go? The eyes are really depressed, tears come from me, but go to the otter? A bay is slowly kissing the river bank, so quiet. In the water, the gentleness of the dripping, the maple leaf, it is the greeting of the heavenly stunner to the autumn, floating in the water alone lonely countless annual rings. It has fallen into countless spring and autumn, it seems very quiet, eyes closed through the eyes, tears from the water, of course, back to the water. I came from the green of spring, but betrayed the green, made a maple leaf reddish the autumn of the colorful clouds, weeping the sunset, brilliant day, finally not overnight, the color is frozen, the silence is still in the silence, the flame is still Blinking, silently recalling the story in a soft stream. The red flame on my body will eventually die, and tomorrow I will rot into green and write another spring. Whose eyes are still, let the tears slip on the water ring. Whose eyes are still sad, don��t hesitate, go play in the distance! Don't brew the scenery in the hustle and bustle, don't miss the past in the silence, what can you do if you have passed away? Will not give birth to the wings of soaring Parliament Cigarettes, nor can it warm the sweet sunshine Cheap Cigarettes. The dream made all the tricks to defraud the light of the eyes, and suddenly flew to the hills. What a nice view! The eyes overlook the green hills. As long as the cloud head is lowered, the green Yingying terraces are put on the arms, and as the mood is drunk, everyone is willing to do the spring sunshine. The wild age of poetry has passed, and the page is staggered in colorful, looking up is the powdery face of peach blossoms, the head is the insects bursting. Picking up the euphemistic voice, picking up the toes, letting the insects smack in the sway of the flowers Marlboro Gold, boiling the spring of the footsteps at the end of the mountain, the head of the mountain is full of flying romance, all are bred Hope. Spring came alive, lived when the dream woke up, stored the blood of the autumn, calmed down the whiteness of the snow, and it lost the space in the earth, simply picking up the belly to make the spring more full. I also want to step on the belly of the earth and play with spring. Huh? Where is my body, my eyes are hidden in the petals, my heart is lost in the footsteps, and the soul is turned into a green grass drunk.

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